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Setting up a tenancy

>> This chapter contains the following sections:

Types of tenancies

Assured and assured shorthold tenancies
The main difference between an assured and an assured shorthold tenancy
Choosing an assured or an assured shorthold tenancy
Setting up an assured tenancy
Tenancies that cannot be assured or assured shorthold tenancies
Tenancies that can be assured, but not assured shorthold tenancies
Fixed term tenancy
Statutory periodic tenancy
Contractual periodic tenancy
Initial period of an assured shorthold tenancy
Regulated tenancies
Subletting and assigning tenancies
Joint tenancies
Succession rights and rights of survivorship
Unlawful discrimination

Tenancy agreements

Written tenancy agreements
Benefits of written tenancy agreements
Tenants' right to a written statement
Implications of oral agreements
Preparing a written agreement
Unfair terms in tenancy agreements
Making an inventory and schedule of condition
Setting the rent
Rent book

Deposits and tenancy deposit protection schemes

Requiring a deposit
Tenancy deposit protection schemes
Legitimate withholding of part or all of the deposit
Best practice regarding deposits

Bond guarantee schemes

West of England schemes

Setting the rent

Raising the rent

Rent increases in fixed term tenancies
Rent increases in contractual periodic tenancies
Rent increases in statutory periodic tenancies
Rent Act regulated tenancies

Housing Benefit

Local Housing Allowance

Universal Credit


References and guarantors

List of rents used to calculate Local Housing Allowance rates 

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