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Energy performance certificates

The European Directive for the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) came into force across Europe in January 2003. The legislation to bring the EPBD into UK law was laid before Parliament in March 2007 and will come into force in a phased manner between 6th April 2008 and 4th January 2009.

Under the legislation an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be required for the construction, sale or rent of all dwellings from 1st October 2008. In practice this means that when a dwelling is offered for rent after 1st October 2008 an EPC will need to be made available on request to prospective tenants.

The Energy Performance Certificate rates the energy performance of a building. The idea is similar to the well established energy labels seen on white goods such as fridges and washing machines when offered for sale [see diagram]. The certificate will contain an energy efficiency rating and an environmental impact rating as well as information on how to improve the energy performance of the building.

The Government's predicted cost for an EPC is around 100, although market forces will determine the actual price and it will also vary depending on the size of the building and time taken etc...

Click here for an example of a full Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC for a let property will have to be made available to the prospective tenant when a viewing is conducted or before entering into a contract to let. However, the EPC does not have to be made available if you believe the prospective tenant is unlikely to have sufficient funds to rent the property or is not genuinely interested in renting that type of property. If you are unlikely to be prepared to rent the property to the prospective tenant then you do not have to make the EPC available.
NOTE: This does not authorise unlawful discrimination [see Unlawful Discrimination]

More information on Energy Performance Certificates can be obtained from:


Local authorities cannot recommend a contractor for this work, but it is worth contacting your local private housing department to see if this can be obtained through any local authority schemes, such as accreditation or deposit bond. The Landlord Expo website could also be checked for information on exhibitors or seminar providers who provide this service.

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