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Routine visits

You will need to keep an eye on your properties and ensure that things are running smoothly. To do this most landlords carry out regular inspection visits, just to check that everything is all right and to see if there is any essential repair or other work that needs to be carried out.

However, you should note the following:

  • Any terms in the tenancy agreement regarding inspection visits must comply with the law, for example should not provide for unreasonable access (or they will be void under the regulations)
  • You have  a duty to carry out repairs within reasonable time limits, emergency repairs should be responded to within a reasonable time
  • You should give tenants as much advice as possible of inspection visits - at least 24 hours notice in writing, and never mislead them
  • You (or your agent if your property is managed by an agent) should be available to be contacted by telephone during normal working hours and have an emergency procedure in place for other times
  • You should inspect the property at reasonable intervals - quarterly visits are normal

You should keep sufficient records relating to the property and any repair work done by you.

>> Tenant obligations and responsibilities

Tenants have rights and obligations and responsibilities. All councils and landlords wish to encourage responsible letting and advise tenants of their duties, in particular:

  • To keep to the conditions of the tenancy agreement
  • Not to cause noise, nuisance or other disturbance to neighbours
  • To allow access to the property in order for necessary repairs to be carried out subject to reasonable notice and at a reasonable time
  • To take reasonable care of the property
  • Take reasonable care not to hinder or frustrate the manager/landlord in carrying out their duties
  • Comply with all reasonable refuse storage and disposal arrangements; and
  • to take reasonable care and not to damage or disable any fire precautions, warning signs or installations and not to obstruct any means of escape

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