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Information for owners of empty properties

Where possible local authorities aim to work with owners of empty properties in a voluntary way and bring empty properties back into use using the following methods:

  • Renting through council leasing or rent deposit schemes [See Section 2.4, Bond Guarantee Schemes]
  • Private renting through a private agency - letting agencies will offer a range of management services [See Section 1.2.2]
  • Private renting with the owner as landlord [see Section 1.2.1]
  • Selling the property - on the open market through an estate agent or at an auction.
  • Financial assistance may be available if the property requires refurbishment [see below]

There are various financial assistance schemes for Empty Homes operating across the country.  Local authorities may offer some form of financial assistance for owners of Empty Homes that can meet part of the eligible costs of bringing an empty property up to the decent homes standard [see section 3.7, Decent Homes Standard].  Often any funding is conditional upon the owner being willing to let the property for a fixed period of time at an affordable rent.

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