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Information for you as a member of the public

The West of England local authorities all encourage members of the public to report any properties to them that they think may be unoccupied.  To report an empty property, as much detail as possible should be provided to the Empty Homes Officer who will follow it up, and contact the owner to advise of options available to them for re-occupying the property.  See contact details in Appendix 5 for details on who to contact.

Most local authorities have a policy where it does not disclose lists of empty properties due to the data protection act.  However requests can be made in writing to the Empty Homes Officer citing the Freedom of Information Act 2000 if they wish to have a formal response to this request.

Although unable to disclose information on owners of empty properties, local authorities may pass on details of interested purchasers to the owner if we have managed to trace them. The owner can then contact you if they are interested in selling.  Any agreement subsequently reached would be a strictly private arrangement in which the local authority would play no part.

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