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No fees, no fuss - a new deal for Landlords

Bristol City Council is working closely with lettings agentsand private landlords to deliver decent quality housing for people that canmanage their tenancies and pay the rent. To enable this to happen we areintroducing major NEW incentives to make it easier and more profitable for youto house the families we’re working with, and we will provide free inspections,advice and ongoing involvement with all our tenancies via a named HousingAdvisor. Incentives include:

 • Substantial payments in advance for new tenancies

• A deposit bond to the value of two months’ rent

• For rents above the maximum Housing Benefit level, amonthly top up paid in advance for tenancies over 12 months

• Rent guarantee insurance for a year – paid for by BristolCity Council and payment for electrical certification

• Any Housing Benefit entitlement paid directly to you

• A named professional will be available as the first port ofcall for you and your tenant during the tenancy


For further details:


Or phone 0117 352 6888

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