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West of England Authorities

The four West of England local authorities have joined together to produce some common practices with respect to running Licensing schemes for HMOs, accreditation, landlord development and other areas of Private Housing.

Some practices may vary from one local authority to the next. For example, with HMO licensing the Housing Act 2004 is drafted so that local authorities have a certain degree of flexibility to create a scheme which fits with local circumstances.

However, in the case of HMO licensing, areas where the West of England local authorities will seek to be similar are:

  • Work to common agreed standards for overcrowding and amenity standards and fire precautions in HMOs
  • Attempt to have a similar fee system. Although it is likely that actual fees will vary between the different local authorities
  • Have the same application form available on this website and directly from the West of England authorities. There may be some variation in information required by the different local authorities when making an application for a licence
  • Have a system of sharing information with each other with respect to 'fit and proper person' decisions

The West of England Code of Good Management Practice can be found here.

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