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Applications for a licence

An application for a licence must be made to the Local Housing Authority (local authority) and must conform with any requirements which the local authority may impose, including payment of a fee.

A person having or managing an HMO which is required to be licensed must apply to the local authority for a licence for that property unless a Temporary Exemption Notice has been applied for or is in force.

The local authority must grant a licence if it is satisfied that:

  • The HMO is reasonably suitable for occupation by the number of persons or households specified in the application as determined by the private housing team or can be rendered suitable for that number of persons by conditions in the licence.
  • The proposed licence holder is a fit and proper to hold the licence.
  • The proposed manager of the HMO is either the person having control of the house or their agent or employee and is also a fit and proper person.
  • The proposed management arrangements are satisfactory.

To find out more please view the Fit & Proper Persons page.

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