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Can a licence be cancelled (revoked)?

The licence will end automatically after 5 years or after the period specified in the licence (if that is different).

Local authorities may revoke a licence (i.e. bring it to an end before it expires by passage of time) in the flowing circumstances:

  • With the agreement of the licence holder, for example if the property stops being an HMO.
  • Where there has been a serious or repeated breach of a licence condition.
  • The licence holder is no longer a fit and proper person.
  • The management of the property is no longer being carried out by persons who are fit and proper persons to be involved with its management.
  • The property no longer falls within the mandatory licensing regime and the LHA considers that if a new application were made for a licence the structure of the property is such that a new licence would not be granted.

On revocation of a licence (unless this is because the HMO no longer requires to be licensed) the local authority must grant another licence or make an Interim Management Order.

>> What happens on the death of a licence holder?

A licence ceases to be in force on the death of a licence holder and for the first three months following the death of that person no licence is required as if a temporary exemption notice had been issued and was in force.

Unless the HMO ceases to be licensable within that period or the LHA grants a temporary exemption notice on the expiry of that period the HMO must be re-licensed or an Interim Management Order made in respect of it.

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