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What do I need to do to obtain a Licence for an HMO?

Complete the HMO licensing application form and return it in the post to the appropriate LHA with the following documentation:

  • Fit and proper person declaration from the person or persons managing the HMO including the proposed licence holder
  • Certificate for the existing power and lighting system
  • Certificates for the emergency lighting and fire detection system demonstrating that these systems are in good working order
  • Certificate from a Gas Safe registered gas installer to confirm the safety of any gas appliances supplied by the landlord
  • Copy of terms and conditions statement supplied to the tenant
  • Plan of the house/building showing each floor even if not occupied. The plan should include the position of smoke and heat detectors and indicate which doors are 30minute fire resisting door. (not all local authorities will request house plans as part of the application)
  • The correct fee payable by cheque to the appropriate LHA

The application form is available for download here.

The form is also available from your local authority via this site (email) or over the telephone (see contact details below).

>> Important points to note about making an application for a Licence

In order for the local authority to be able to process the application it must be complete and include all of the above. If it does not, it will not be considered an effective or valid application.

If the local authority incurs additional work and expense to process an application it reserves the right to make an additional charge over and above the licence fee.

Additional costs will be incurred (and included in the fee) by applicants when applications are not complete. The Council will be obliged to make an additional charge in cases where:

  • additional letters and need to be written or phone calls need to be made to chase documentation needed for the licence application
  • if visits are made to help applicants complete the application form, or
  • if an officer from the LHA needs to visit and drawn a plan of the HMO because no plan has been submitted with the application

IMPORTANT NOTE - The application process is still under consideration by the West of England Group and so may be subject to further changes.

>> Contact details

Bath & North East Somerset

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Bristol City Council

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North Somerset

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South Gloucestershire

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