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What happens if I don't comply with the licence conditions?

Failure without reasonable excuse to comply with a condition is a criminal offence under section 72 of the Housing Act 2004.

Each West of England authority has an enforcement policy that makes it clear what their approach would be to this.

Local authority enforcement policies are available from the links below:

Bath and North East Somerset Council
Housing Services Enforcement Policy


Bristol City Council
Private Housing Enforcement Policy


North Somerset Council
Please contact the team on 01275 884110 


South Gloucestershire Council
Licensing of houses in multiple occupation


Breaches of licence conditions will be investigated in line with current enforcement objectives and priorities.

Informal action will be taken in relation to minor breaches of the licence conditions, for example not producing certificates on time, as long as the breaches have not significantly affected a person's health, safety or welfare.

Formal action will be considered where there have been serious and or persistent breaches of licence conditions.

Each case will be judged on its own merits and regard will be had for the Code for Crown Prosecutors and the Home Office Guidance on Simple Cautions.

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